Another positive review of “Gone For Foreign”

The Cygnus Ensemble was kind enough to perform my piece “Gone For Foreign” again on April 3rd, 2012, at a gallery concert in Manhattan as part of Mathew Greenbaum’s Amphibian New Music and Video series. The concert received a positive and unusual review by someone named “Frederick Devious.”

New Website


  • I’m a composer of contemporary music. I write for classical musicians, electric guitarists, computers and voices.
  • I have decided to enter the 21st century and now have a website. Please have a look and send me your comments.
  • Special thanks to Sunita Vatuk for the beautiful photographs, and to Maureen Ton  for her terrific web design skills.

Paper on Syama Sastri

On March 30th and 31st, 2012, I attended the combined conference for the Rocky Mountain Society for Music Theory (RMSMT) and the regional American Musicological Society (AMS) to deliver a paper on the unusual song form known as Swarajati developed by the Carnatic composer Syama Sastri in the 19th century. The paper went OK, but needs some additional work. I now feel convinced, however, that I have a worthwhile and interesting topic to research and ponder, so I am anxious to continue with it. It was also nice to meet colleagues from Colorado including Richard Agee from Colorado College, and Tom Riis, from CU Boulder. And the weather was stunning.

March 7th 2012 Performance in Washington D.C.

March 7th performance at LoC

On Wednesday, March  7th, 2012, the wonderful Cygnus Ensemble will be performing my piece “Gone for Foreign” at -get this- The Library of Congress. Pretty cool, eh? Also on the program will be several other contemporary pieces including the amazing “Ladino Songs” of Mario Davidovsky, sung by the terrific Elizabeth Farnum, and great music by Frank Brickle and others.

Postscript: My piece was quite favorably remarked in a review in (click link) The Washington Post.

Fromm Foundation Award

p>I recently heard from the Fromm Foundation at Harvard University that I have been awarded a 2012 commissioning grant for the compositional project I am working on for The Cygnus Ensemble. Good news, that.

Works for Fall 2011 Festivals

I was a guest composer at two contemporary music festivals last Fall:

  • 8th Annual New Music Festival at University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Thursday, September 29th at 6:30 p.m.

  • Festival of New American Music at Sacramento State University, California
Sunday, November 6 at 3:00pm by Zephyrus Duo